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R by Therese Kieran

Boo Radley to Rhett Butler

Gone With The Wind (Margaret Mitchell, 1936) and To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee, 1960) share common ground, but what could possibly connect characters Rhett Butler, (GWTW) and Boo Radley, (TKAM)?


Rhett, handsome, wealthy, eloquent but a blockade runner, has been shunned by family and polite society. Boo, impoverished social recluse, demonised by invisibility, damaged by his father’s ill treatment, is voiceless.


My assertion is, that they have been mis-judged, and while at opposite ends of the social strata, both have been marginalised and rejected. Unlikely though it seems, I chance a connection of emotional exchange; of fostering feelings. 

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