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A - Matt Halliday – Snell’s Beach, New Zealand.

A word dork since way back, Matt does far too many things. These include teaching copywriting, acting, studying, marrying people and being a dad of three.

B - Angus Grundy – Prague, Czech Republic.

Angus helps entrepreneurs clarify the value they create then amplify it to reach their ideal audiences. He lives in Prague with his wife and two children. 


C - Johnny Lyons - Dublin, Eire.

I used to believe writing was something others did. Dark Angels changed that. Writing is now my daily fix and I highly recommend it.

D - Jayne Workman - Whanganui, New Zealand.

Jayne Workman is an English writer and brand consultant living in New Zealand where days now start with a long black and pīwakawaka at the window.

Jayne_Workman_Portrait copy.jpeg
Rowena Roberts.jpg

E - Rowena Roberts – Manchester, UK.

Rowena Roberts is a creative writing coach at Words Inspire. She believes that creativity comes from an intuitive place, behind the monkey mind. It’s fun there...

F - Ed Prichard – London, UK.

Ed Prichard is a brand writer and strategist, working with people to find the right words, tone of voice and ideas to make their brands sing. 

Ed Prichard July 2020 200x200px.jpeg

G - John Allert – Ripley, Surrey, UK.

An Australian Brit, John originally studied design, before taking an unplanned and meandering career path through marketing, branding, elite sports management and business. He loves words.

H - Doug Howatt – Half Moon Bay, California, USA.

I’m a marketing writer and editor pursuing a lifelong fascination with words and the ideas inside. I sometimes obsess over writing the perfect personalized license plate.

CMacdonald - LiquidEdgephotocredit.jpg

I - Catherine Macdonald - Whanganui, New Zealand

Catherine Macdonald was born and raised in Whanganui, New Zealand.  She works for an architect and makes prints, binds books, draws pictures, writes and makes furniture.

J - Lacy Rohre – Austin, Texas, USA.

Lacy Rohre lives in Texas with her college sweetheart and twin boys. She writes help content for video games and reads fiction with her feet up.

Lacy Rohre.jpeg
Roger Morris.jpeg

K - Roger Morris – London, UK.

I write novels as R.N. Morris. Mostly crime, usually historical. My latest, Fortune’s Hand, is about Sir Walter Raleigh. It has been called visceral. I’ll take that.

L - Kartikeya Kompella – Mumbai, India.

Kartikeya Kompella is a brand consultant and author/editor of books on branding. His novel, A Pitch For Love was launched by Harper Collins in 2018.


M - John Simmons – London, UK.

John Simmons is a writer, trainer, brand consultant, co-founder of 26 and Dark Angels. Based in London he’s also a novelist, his latest The Good Messenger.

N - Jo Page – Auckland, New Zealand.

Jo Page is an infuriatingly sensible Kiwi-born copywriter. She spends November cleaning up after dinosaurs, and the rest of the year finding magic where she can.

Jo Lilford.jpg

O - Jo Lilford – Llantwit Major, Wales, UK.

I mostly write strategy and words for brands, the world over. I’m Welsh and therefore able to travel to consonants that many are unaware even exist.

P - Andrea Malcolm – Auckland, New Zealand.

Andrea Malcolm is an ex-IT journalist and now a communications manager. She lives in Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand where she is studying a master’s degree in creative writing, specifically poetry.

Andrea Malcolm 1 portrait.jpg

Q - Jane Langley – Auckland, New Zealand.

Five foot two and rising (in high boots). Stationed at the outer edge of the world, which turns out to be a lucky spot these days.

R - Therese Kieran – Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

Irish poet and visual artist, Therese Kieran’s work is widely anthologised. She is currently writing a poetry pamphlet inspired by stories of refuge, refugees and asylum.

Therese Kieran.jpeg

S - Paul White – Auckland, New Zealand.

For a long time Paul White wrote lots of copy, a bit of poetry and no short stories. Nowadays he tries to do quite the opposite.

T - Lee Ryan – Hunua, Auckland, New Zealand.

Lee Ryan has written 4,509 PowerPoint slides. She lives in Auckland with Mike, and Mac — the world’s best dog. Despite Kindle, new bookshelves are still acquired.

Lee Ryan.jpeg

U - Melanie Cooper – Auckland, New Zealand.

Melanie Cooper is a former journalist turned copywriter. She loves a good brief and (too) frequently spends time contemplating the expectant nature of a blinking cursor.

V - Catherine Ann Berger – Zurich, Switzerland.

Catherine Ann Berger, Zurich-based head of Swiss Films, worked as a journalist, script consultant and co-wrote one of Switzerland's most successful feature films "Late Bloomers".

Sir Bob Harvey2.jpeg

W - Sir Robert (Bob) Harvey – Auckland, New Zealand.

Sir Bob is a legend in NZ. Author, poet, surf life saver, champion of the arts, and the man responsible for creating Auckland’s world-class waterfront.

X - Elen Lewis – London, UK.

Elen Lewis is a writer, author and ghostwriter. She runs slowly, plays the cello badly and lives with her husband Martin, and children, Rosie and Arthur.

Elen Lewis2.jpeg

Y - Jane Berney – Hunua, Auckland, New Zealand.

Words have woven their way through Jane’s working life and into her play time as well. Her favourite place is Dark Angels. Her lucky number, 26.

Z - Scott Moyes – Auckland, New Zealand.

You know, I always wanted to live with my parents as a fully-grown adult. That’s why I became a writer. Now we can be together forever.

Scott Moyes.jpg
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